UP TO THE SKY :: I know I said I'd do anything for you but I guess I lied :: I promised you the moon then you took all the stars, baby that's not alright :: Lost in a hundred miles of your duplicity I'm glad I survived :: So give my condolences to the girl I thought you were if she's still alive :: :: I broke down on a road to nowhere but no one ever said you had to care :: I held out hoping for a miracle, that's one mistake I'll never make again :: :: We used to rock and roll to scratched up 45s, baby we were too high :: We spent so many nights lost in alibis and all that implies :: :: You made up all the rules to make yourself feel smart then said your goodbyes :: So I built a rocket ship and let my spirit fly up to the sky

HONEYBEE :: Your eyes light up the outline of a heart that beats :: Just like a storm all tangled up in disbelief :: That clouds are gone and flowers open up beneath your busy little feet :: I'll follow you down to the place underground where the earth makes a sound like the whisper of your wings :: :: Honeybee :: :: My thoughts are stuck in all the fancy moves you make :: It can't be luck, an ordinary twist of fate :: For goodness' sake you better give this boy a break before he's lost control :: Some will play it safe, others play it cool, you have played it all but you never play the fool :: Down in the ocean of hurricane motions it's just a token of my devotion :: :: Honeybee

A SERIES OF NEAR MISSES :: You zip your coat up against the wind :: Winter lingers on just like a phone call from a long lost friend :: It's just so hard to pay the rent :: When all these walls are standin' 'round just starin' back at you :: :: You used to go out but you've got other things to do :: You'd like to go out but now you've got other things to do :: :: You've become a series of near misses :: Coming close but always falling short of the finish line :: It's hard when you're a series of near misses :: Times like these you just you just you just wanna go away :: :: On the night that all those stars came out :: And sirens filled the air with their old melancholy shout :: We hid behind a broken fence :: We watched and waited, thankful it was someone else :: :: You want to go out but you've got other things to do :: You'd like to go out but you've got other things to do :: :: You're okay all by yourself :: Or so it would seem, that is how your mantra goes :: And who am I to disagree? :: When all I do is walk in stupid circles 'round your neighborhood

SOMEDAY :: Maybe someday rain will fall again :: Maybe someday autumn never ends :: Maybe someday things won't self-destruct :: Maybe someday love will be enough :: :: Once I knew a man who loved to drive :: Moving through the stillness of the night :: People came to offer their goodbyes :: Knowing he would someday be all right :: :: Someday he'll know what to do :: Taking these roads back to you :: Through doorways he closed on his own :: Someday you know he'll be home :: :: What he feels he wants to understand :: Even if it isn't what he planned :: He's underlining passages in blue :: Hoping someone else's words will do

SURFACE OF THE SUN :: I would like to be the one to say that all these little things will work out in the end :: Sometimes you're gonna be amazed when all these little words leave you up in the air :: :: Like a bird that flies from the earth to the surface of the sun here we go all in all it's just another way out :: Like a flower that grows from the earth to the surface of the sun don't you know sometimes it's enough to let go :: :: You are up before the break of dawn, hung up on the little things that haven't even begun :: You have made a plan for your escape, to leave behind the little thoughts that never really mattered :: :: On a piece of paper by the bed you made a list of all the little things you never said :: You open from within and from without looking for that little light that burns brighter than doubt

PUSH :: You ... you are on my mind :: Almost ... almost all the time :: Something in the way you move :: Blows me away :: :: Once again I'm down on my knees :: Waiting til you come down :: And open up, give me nourishment :: I'll gormandize on my sin :: :: 'times it's hard to say that everything'll be okay :: But one thing I can say is that I never wanna be without you :: And even though I try I don't always get it right :: But can we both agree that all I need is just a little push?

CORNER STORE :: He walked on two hands down to the corner store, and it was there that he found what amounted to nothing :: :: The shelves were empty down at the corner store :: sad lights flickered over the freezer door :: over the freezer door he used to open to get beer :: :: Now, what do I do? :: Now, what can I take? :: Now, who do I blame? Now :: :: Sometimes he thinks back to the good old days 'fore he remembered all of the things that he'd forgotten :: :: There was a light on in the good old days, a light that warmed him up from the top of his head down to his toes :: :: Standing on my hands down at the corner store

LOST :: Your voice in every drop of rain :: A thousand whispers on the window pane :: Sounded just as though you called my name :: :: Empty pages soak up dreams :: In which I never said a single thing :: Those nights I find it hard to sleep :: :: I got lost :: :: It was never clear in black and white :: Might be easier to turn the days into nights :: Than to relive every little fight :: :: I could not find my way back home :: I'm stuck on this old dusty road :: Everyone believes is gold :: :: I marked a spot above where we first met :: An unobtrusive pocket sewn in moonlight thread :: Inside are notes with every word you've said

ROCK N ROLL :: Another night and I don't wanna get stuck inside my head again :: Let's take a ride, catch a train, get on outta this lousy town for a while :: Sometimes it feels like God left a long time ago :: I called you up late at night hoping that your voice would calm me down :: Forgotten days take me in, caught in the grip of some old melody :: And all I gotta do is make it through tonight :: :: Take my hand :: Take my soul :: Take me home :: Rock n roll

MONTMARTRE :: I took the Metro up to Montmartre :: Under the City of Light and dark skies :: I caught a glimpse of a girl with sweet eyes :: On that cold autumn night I thought it was you :: :: (One more night in Montmartre) That is what it's gonna take :: (One more night in Montmartre) To prove to me the hardest thing :: (One more night in Montmartre) Is the thought of spending one more night without you :: :: On a boulevard at midnight :: Not far from Deux Moulins I found you :: Though I was all alone your sweet eyes :: Led me through the night and that's when I knew :: :: It's nearly 3 a.m. :: It's nearly 3 a.m. and I am wide awake